16 Pcs Custom Marvel MiniFigures Set Compatible with Lego Marvel

Mini Figs U.K. 16 x Custom Design figures Set - Marvel Inspired Figures

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What you see is what you get !

Includes all pictured Minifigures.

Bring your existing building block set to life with Mini Figs Superhero Set.

Create your own action cinematic with our comprehensive collection of superheroes and villains. Let their imagination run wild and see who triumphs.

Maximum enjoyment for a fraction of the cost of a branded set.

It's not only kids who love our mini movie figures, they're a popular gift for adult superhero lovers too. Surprise friends and family with an action packed birthday or use them as stocking stuffers, party giveaways or prizes.

Who will save the world today?

All Your Favourite Superheroes in One Set

There's hours of fun to be had for the whole family with our Superhero 16 pc mini figure Collectors Edition. But be warned, there are villains hiding in every set, they include:

The Flash

Captain America

The Punisher

Black Panther







Iron Man


Ghost Rider

Venom (Black Spider)

Red Venom (Large)

Batman (Large, with Armour)

Compatible with All Major Brick Manufacturers

All Mini Figs superhero toys are designed for use with major manufacturers. Ideal for sharing amongst friends or as party bag fillers.

Your Family's Safety is our Priority

All Mini Figz superhero toys are manufactured and tested to conform with strict US toy safety standards. Guaranteed free from dangerous chemicals and heavy metals.

NB. Figurines come disassembled


Features & details

  • Mini Figs Super Hero Series. All your favourite superheroes and villains, ready for action in your own blockbuster.
  • This is fully Compatible with most building block brands. Mini Figz fits perfectly with your existing Toy sets.
  • Manufactured to stringent US Toy Safety Standards. Our toys are produced with your family's safety in mind. The only dangers in each set are the villains.
  • Recreate your favourite scenes with our largest superhero collection. The possibilities are endless with Deadpool, Superman, Batman and many more.
  • Includes two Premium Armoured figures, Batman and Red Venom which are a larger 8.5cm height for maximum destruction. The remaining 14 characters are normal size figs (4cm tall).



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